What Unique Cabinet Hardware Can Do For Your Decor

Nobody wants to be another face in the crowd. We all want to stand out somehow, whether it’s for our fiery hair, a brilliant wit or keen sense of taste. When decorating, this is even more relevant. Who wants to walk into their neighbor’s house to find the exact room setup, accessories and color scheme as their own newly renovated space? No one. The key to standing out in the crowd is individuality. Anyone can order an Amerock straight bar pull and make it work in their kitchen, living room or bathroom. The trick is to find really unique pieces that others wouldn’t think of (or wouldn’t dare to try) using. Here are a few of the bolder, brighter and more original pieces and collections that you can use to ensure that your home revamp really stands out.

From festive displays to the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, Notting Hill cabinet hardware brings new definition to unique. In addition to being unusual themes, Notting Hill has some of the most ornate and decorative cabinets knobs on the market. They play with shapes, designs and images in a way that no other company has been able to yet. The images conjured by this distinctive collection vary from majestic royalty, tiaras and all to rustic fairies and forest forays. Either way, Notting Hill hardware stirs the imagination and the emotions.

With exciting shapes such as elephants, leaves, fruits and insects, Notting Hill cabinet pulls and knobs offer extensive designs with uniquely detailed artwork and precision as well. Factor in some bright colors, gemstones, and breathtaking filigree work for even more exclusive style. Notting Hill also works with colors fabulously. Their ingenuity manifests itself in many ways from a light wash on the entire design to a specific area highlighted in bright, vivid colors, or even combinations like rich woods and finely detailed metals.

Possibly the widest variety of novelty cabinet hardware, the Anne at Home collection has almost one thousand cabinet knobs and pulls in amusing shapes and characters. From alligators to zoo goers, all Anne at Home pieces are done in an elegant pewter for a splendid combination of light-hearted novelty and tasteful decor. In fact, many of your friends will have to take a second look to realize that you are being whimsical because these pieces are so stylishly done. Browse through the entire collection for a feast of fun and fancy.

Betsy Fields follows suit with the same idea of combining two winning features. A more limited scope, Betsy Fields cabinet hardware has a nautical theme, and is done in the same pewter fashion as the Anne at Home collection. These knobs and pulls would work well in any bathroom or in a sea-faring bedroom theme.

Hafele is another company that offers more than just your average homeowner’s cabinet hardware. From recessed pulls in avant-garde style to cabinet pulls with a “twist”, Hafele has fun concepts and shapes. They work well with metallic colors and interesting finishes such as the copper Verdi blend. Alternatively, Sietto is the choice if you enjoy glass cabinet hardware. From smooth and sleek glass cabinet knobs to glass cabinet pulls with a textured surface, Sietto uses both color and texture to create unique pieces that are sure to stand out.

Going out and buying a new car every time you see another one like yours around the neighborhood is a bit excessive. Wanting fresh and unique cabinet hardware is not. Let your individuality shine out with original cabinet pulls and knobs of your own.